13:00-18:00CEST, December 3rd, 2020


While the global pandemic prevented us from being able to hold an in-person event in 2020, we were fortunately able to come together digitally for a dialogue about the fundamental structures of new opera: What topics are best suited for contemporary opera? How can institutions best support the creation, production and distribution of new work? And, perhaps most importantly, for whom are these works being created? Over five hours, twelve composers, librettists, stage directors, dramaturgs and producers came together to share their experiences, and think together about the future.


Hauke Berheide (composer, Germany)

Mark Campbell (librettist, USA)

Jerôme Combier (composer, France)

Sandra Eberle (new works producer, Germany)

Prof. Dr. Tina Hartmann (librettist, Germany)

Dr. Hedda Høgåsen-Hallesby (dramaturg, Norway)

Alison Moritz (stage director, USA)

Sarah Nemtsov (composer, Germany)

Katharina Ortmann (dramaturg, Germany)

Joanna Parker (set and video designer, United Kingdom)

Dr. Ulrich Kreppein (composer, Germany)

Dr. Amy Stebbins (stage director/librettist, USA)

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